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What are Chronograph Watches : Ultimate Guide 2022 [Updated]

For most people, the words “chronograph” and “watch” conjure images of a timepiece with a stopwatch function. But in fact, a chronograph is simply any watch that includes some basic features that make them distinctive. What is a Chronograph Watch? For most people, the words “chronograph” and “watch” conjure images of a timepiece with a

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In Which Hand Do Girls Wear Watch : 90% Girls Don’t Know

The answer to this question is pretty simple. Girls wear watches on their right wrist! But wait, there are always exceptions in life. Many people might not know this, but!! There’s a small female population called ‘watch wearers’ (let’s call them like this for now) who wear the watch on their left wrist! It is

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10 Best Watches Under 50000 (2022) – Reviewd & Buying Guide

The term L-U-X-U-R-Y has been much speculated and intently perceived as a great state of being where elegance meets comfort. Due to its high-end pricing, it is usually not affordable to many. The American Spiritual Guru, Frederick Lenz very rightly expressed the attitude of luxury as- “I don’t have the luxury of time to be

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10 Best Watches for Men Under 4000 in 2022 [Updated] Reviews

The astounding style of a man is always perceived from the watch he is wearing. This fashion accessory was merely a timepiece when invented. But today, people mark it as an essential accessory to outshine. Especially, when you have a liberal budget up to 4000 rupees, you can expect a ornamental watch equipped with incredible

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10 Best Chronograph Watches for Men Under 5000 : Reviewed

When it comes to using a watch beyond its utility as a ‘timepiece’, the Chronograph watch was invented first in 1816 by Louis Moinet. Initially, it was developed to track celestial and astronomical movements. However, progressive technology has made its way to our lifestyle by the virtue of use to track everyday activities like racing,

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10 Best Watches Under 15000 in 2022 [Updated] – Reviews

Watches are timeless treasures which are adorned since their inception. Like other utilities, even watches have a long history and went through several transformations. Originally invented as a ‘timepiece’, today watches have become a sheer reflection of your attitude. People love to expanse their exclusive collection of watches to reflect their moods and style. If

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