About Us

Fashion101 is the best online watch store that you have been looking for. We offer 100% authentic luxury watches at unbelievably discounted rates and we believe that we are the best online watch store around. Our goal and mission here at Watchshopping.com is to help you find and own the perfect luxury watch – whether it will be your very first or if you’re adding to your elite collection, we want to make sure that you get what suits your needs!

Fashion 101 is a global fashion platform that offers a curated selection of the best available watches. Fashion 101 has been in operation since 2012 and is owned by Voltos Bharmain, who lives in Amsterdam and works for a reputed watch company. His interest in watch mechanics piqued his interest in watches, which he has been passionate about ever since. He started Fashion 101 to offer consumers an exclusive selection of timepieces from around the world at great prices with free shipping worldwide on orders over $150 USD.

Our Mission

In addition to providing customers with access to our carefully curated collection, we also hope to educate people about what they are buying – educating them on both how well-made their new purchase will be!

Why Fashion 101?

Fashion101 is a site that provides you with the latest in style and trends from around the world for both men and women. We provide readers with content that is easy to read, enjoy, and entertain. Our information ranges from in-depth analysis on watch brands to buying guides. We got you covered all!

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