In Which Hand Do Girls Wear Watch : 90% Girls Don’t Know


The answer to this question is pretty simple. Girls wear watches on their right wrist!

But wait, there are always exceptions in life. Many people might not know this, but!! There’s a small female population called ‘watch wearers’ (let’s call them like this for now) who wear the watch on their left wrist!

It is estimated that about 5% of all watch wearers are females belonging to this special group. So what’s the reason behind this? Why do they wear a watch on their left wrist when worn on the right one? Let’s find out next!!

Introducing ‘Wrist Dominance’!

People who prefer to wear their watch on the left wrist are called ‘right dominant. Most people in the world are right-handed, and this group of people is no exception. The majority of them also tend to be right-eye dominant (the part that controls eyesight). Therefore, when they put on a watch, it is only natural for them to put it in the correct place, which is their left wrist.

The other group of people who wear the watch on their right wrist is ‘left dominant.

It means that they are usually left-handed and also tend to be left-eye dominant. Therefore, placing the watch in the correct place (right wrist for them) makes perfect sense!

If you happen to know anyone in this 5% group of females, you might have noticed that they tend to be more creative and artistic. Some famous female artists are watch wearers. For example, Taylor Swift is one of them!

If you are thinking about wearing your watch on the correct side now, the decision is yours! But keep in mind that there are some watches made specifically for ‘left dominant people. If you are one of them, why not try getting your hands on one?

Now let’s look at the other side!

So far, so good!! We’ve learned that a group of girls wear watches on their left wrist, and this is because they’re left-dominant. But what about the right-dominant people?

The answer is, they wear their watch on both wrists!

No kidding!! It sounds utterly ridiculous, but it’s true! The reason for this bizarre act has to do with the sense of touch that right-dominant people have. For them, using the sense of touch is more convenient than using vision.

So, How Exactly Do They Manage to Keep Track of Time?

There are two methods! Men usually use the first one. They wear their watch on the left wrist (the one that’s opposite to the hand they use for writing) and then check it by touching it with their right hand.

The second method is a bit tricky! They wear a watch on the right wrist first, then; they move it to their left one after they finish checking if it’s time for another appointment or something else of the sort.

Including this weird group, there are 3 groups of people wear watches on different wrists instead of wearing them on their right wrist. In all of these cases, they prefer using the sense of touch over vision to get a hold of their time!

Now that you know all about this strange phenomenon, it’s your turn!! Are you a ‘right dominant person who wears a watch on your left wrist? Or perhaps a ‘left dominant person who wears it on either wrist? Be sure to share your story!

What about you, do you wear your watch on your right or left wrist? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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